Integrated infrastructure – from integrated appliances to converged and hyper-converged – offers a way for organizations to bring together a cohesive set of complementary technologies to meet a particular business purpose or need.

Instead of the typical, time-intensive mix-and-match software and hardware approach, integrated and converged infrastructure offers an entire business solution in a simple, easy-to-implement package.

Key benefits of integrated infrastructure solutions:integrated

  • Easy to install, run, and manage
  • Reduces time to value
  • Decreases IT management costs

We have a long history in deploying integrated solutions to service providers and enterprises, enabling them to reduce operating expenses, grow revenues, and deliver a rich set of benefits and added value to their customers. We put our experience and expertise in architecting infrastructure solutions to work, leveraging the uniqueness of each technology component so that customers can get the most out of their business applications.

We focus exclusively on bringing together leading vendors’ server and storage infrastructure (from HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, IBM and NetApp) – along with middleware, operating system, and relevant third party components – to create integrated solutions designed and tuned for the business application. Here are some of the benefits of integrated infrastructure solutions with Datatrend and our global vendor partners:

  • Best of breed platforms
  • Proven performance
  • Flexible design
  • Long-term product roadmaps
  • Consistent experience
  • Consistent Support, available globally
  • Proven reliability (includes “call home service”)

Integrated appliances perform a wide variety of functions. A few examples include: data analytics appliances, IP based communications platforms, medical imaging systems, digital video solutions, inventory management systems, media asset management solutions, and web security solutions. In fact, most software that needs servers and/or storage to operate has the ability to become an integrated appliance.

Creating an integrated appliance solution opens the door to big benefits for your business. Contact us today to collaborate with us and determine the right solution for you.

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